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VMWare User Information Leak

Click here to search the VMWare user database! So last week some time Chris Hadnagy linked me to the following URL: which was pretty interesting last week. Basically it allowed someone to full in their email address to manage their VMWare subscriptions, i noticed a couple of things from the next pages: The fields…


Facebook GraphAPI Waterfall!

ANDREW I DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR STORIES! JUST GIVE ME THE LINK! >> So its been a long weekend, but i had a lot of time to myself this weekend, and decided to play a bit with some of the side projects i’ve been interested in. With regards to the previous posts, the code…


NLP/NER: First views

So recently we have really been struggling at work with NLP/tags/phrases relating to a specific person/phrase. For example, you put down something like “Maltego” and you would like it to return things like the company (Paterva),  Information mining, Open source forensics, etc etc So i started looking around for NER/NLP API’s online and i found…