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PasteLert v2!

The Quick and dirty: New PasteLert lives at Downloads: » Interface -> » Cron Tasks -> » Scraping Script -> And of course if you want everything -> Overview My linode has been pretty much falling over due to the previous version of the pastebin alerts for a number of…


Pastebin DoS + PasteLert

Hey guys, I saw the pastebin guys put out a list of the IP addresses that have been attacking them for people to check if they were, I wrote a quick little script to test this at: Secondly, i see pastelert broke with the new GUI change on pastebin, I’ve fixed it on mine…


pasteLert *facepalm*

Sorry guys, I noticed that I haven’t been getting any pasteLert updates, and i just realised why (see above picture for my reaction). Change line 4 in truncPastes.php from: mysql_query(“truncate pastebin”); To: mysql_query(“delete from pastebin”);   Explanation: Truncate automatically resets the auto-incrementing IDs so that when the table was truncated pastes started from ID 0…


PasteLert Source

Ohhi Archive for pasteLert So i finally got round to putting the source together and writing this out. We’ve been really busy with Blackhat training at work and so on and i’m generally just lazy. Also releasing now mostly because the mysql database on my linode keeps crashing, its just too small a box to…


PasteLert! Pastebin Alerts!

ANDREW I DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR STORIES! JUST GIVE ME THE LINK! >> Hey guys, So here is my latest project, extending from the previous pasteScraper to do something a little different with the pastebins. Essentially i recreated google alerts but with a bit more searchiness (yes, i make up words now too). How…