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PasteScraper (now sans config)!

So i was chatting to Chris Hadnagy and he was having a bit of an issue getting an API key for yahoo BOSS and it seemed troublesome.

So i popped off a mail to yahoo to ask how i could get a key to share and they basically said i can just use mine. So i quickly repackaged the pasteScraper with my key so now its as simple as extracting the zip in your webroot directory and browsing to it :)

Get the new one here

Of course you can still use the one on my site over at



  1. I love this tool for information gathering, but at the moment it’s returning “API Fail — check the key in config.php “

  2. Steve,

    The issue is that sadly Yahoo!Boss API have removed their free service and replaced it with a paid for v2 service.. I can update the scripts to work with v2, but then people would have to pay for the extensions. Alternatively you can manually scrape each site (like i do with


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