Kingphisher: Semi-automated phishing

It has been absolutely ages since I have written a blog post – genuinely I really havent simply been slacking off, i’ve just been busy! Anyway, figured it was time to do a writeup on some stuff I have been working on. (Please note this is almost the exact same post from the Paterva blog)….


Hacking fixed key remotes

Previously I discussed using my RTL-SDR to merely listen for analog audio signals. In this entry I’ll discuss using it to decode digital signals (this example on fixed remote signals often used for garages / gates ) so that they can be replayed/brute forced with something like the RFCat project (based on TI’s CC1111EMK module)….

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Magnetic stripes Part 1

Intro So its been nearly a month since I last put a blog post up and I have been working on some stuff in my free time between work (been traveling to the US and took a weekend off to visit some friends in Canada). I’m not particularly in the mood to write a new…


PasteLert v2!

The Quick and dirty: New PasteLert lives at Downloads: » Interface -> » Cron Tasks -> » Scraping Script -> And of course if you want everything -> Overview My linode has been pretty much falling over due to the previous version of the pastebin alerts for a number of…


Joomla 2.51 Blind SQL Attack

<responsible_disclosure> Before i discuss this, let me just say that the bug has been patched (was in 2.5.1) and at the time of writing this Joomla is already 2 increments away –  2.5.3 is currently available. </responsible_disclosure> Overview So back in the dark ages of my programming life I, like many people who started coding,…