PasteLert is a simple system to search pastebin.com and set up alerts (like google alerts) for pastebin.com entries. This means you will automatically recieve email whenever your term(s) is/are found in new pastebin entries!

You can check out the About page to find out more details of the project.



Pretty simple, use the form below to search the latest pastes returned (up to a maximum of 50 results). This will also give you the link to the RSS feed.


You can configure alerts over in the Alerts tab :)


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How This Works

  • You get an email from me
  • You follow the confirmation link
Get Notified
  • I index pastebin.com every few minutes
  • Every 10 minutes we search for any *new*(as in from now) pastes
  • We send you any pastebin entries we havent already notified you on via email!


PasteLert originally started as a need to be able to properly search pastebin.com as there were a few limitations in place:

  • No onsite search functionality
  • Search functionality provided by Google meant new pastes were only indexed days late
  • Because of the Google search functionality you had some limitations (searching for a specific IP, multiple keywords in one paste etc)

How it Works

  • I enumerate all new pastes from http://www.pastebin.com/archive/ every minute and add them to a 'download' queue.
  • New pastes are then downloaded to a local database
  • Alerts are periodically cron'd
  • Search functionality is via a fulltext search of pastes

How I got to do it

Because I work at an AWESOME company (Paterva), I get a lot of time to play around with things that interest me.. on work hours! And of late there had been a bunch of pastebin links flying around and its interesting to me to see what information you can get out of it.

How it is all going to fall apart

I dont really see this as a long term project, merely something that shows a PoC for how much stuff is leaking out via PasteBin.com and how cool it really is. Some issues i see that may happen with this:

  • People will switch to more secure pastebins that don't allow indexing, don't have archive pages and arent indexed by search engines
  • My small linode will fall to pieces because the fulltext like queries are painfull
  • Pastebin.com will not be impressed with me doing this and start blocking it


So for all the other projects i have given out the code, but this project has a few pieces and is a bit messy, but on request i'll give it out, just drop me a line at Andrew@AndrewMohawk.com.


You can reach me via mail as above or on twitter (@AndrewMohawk).